About the Company

History of Company
When we opened the Company in 2010, we did it with one thought - to do better, to change the system, to break the wall of misunderstanding about the examination of industrial safety and certification.

Firstly, we wanted to show our customers that certification is not "getting another piece of paper", but something more. Unfortunately, it is considered that a certificate or a declaration is just another code (like an INN) or a permit (as a license) that is needed for selling the goods. And in chase of result, the main essence of certification – a check of the safety and quality of the product – was lost.

At the same time, people remember about the quality and safety only when they come to shops for spending money.

Is there any wonder if the quality of the products is low, when the certification was conducted with violations or even faked for getting just "another piece of paper"? Ordinary people tend to blame the state, but there is another reality.

The fact is that there was formed a whole network of structures around the certification field, which devalued the certification by their actions, made it another "small coin". Instead of real certification with product testing, production analysis and documentation control, these big wheels just sell "notes", and everyone knows how much a certificate or declaration is worth. In other words, instead of real work, you can simply "purchase" a certificate. There is even a practice of express delivery for 1-3 days. Therefore, we were looking for a different approach, when, unlike short-lived company and outright fraudsters, we would offer certification in the right form. We would like to make sure ordinary people and offer them to buy safe products, and companies would be sure that they acquired a reliable supplier, because the safety and quality of their products have passed the appropriate independent verification.

Now, looking back, we can say that we have already passed a great way. We had enough customers. We did not chase profit, we did not save on employees, we tried to do our work qualitatively, diligently and great. We tried to prove to everyone, and first to prove to ourselves, that things are different.

Every month, summing up the work, we understand that certification can be interesting and the conformity of products to the requirements is important, that it can be done in different way than simply printing paper. We have good memories, and it seems that we did well.

Of course, there is always something to improve in our activity. We try not to stand at the one place, and we think where and how we could improve our processes, make the work better and, from time to time, try to look at our company's activity from the other side. We work to improve work procedures, and we regularly train our employees..

Corporate values
1. To work for the long term, rather
than try to disrupt the fast and risky pay.

2. To perform work with quality and reliable, even more expensive
and longer, but with full protection of the client against possible risks.

3. To be flexible but prudent, consider the interests of the parties, but not change their principles.

4. To hire the best employees and constantly improve the processes of our work.
Our specialization
Certification of products and declaring products for compliance with
the Customs Union Technical Regulations
Geography of work
We work with all countries and companies that import products or have production at the territory of the Customs Union
Our CU TR regulations
Expert organization 'Engineering safety' now is an accredited body for certification of products and can carry out work to confirm the compliance of products with the requirements of the CU TR:
• CU TR 010/2011 'About the safety of machinery and equipment',
• CU TR 032/2013 'About the safety of equipment operating under pressure',
• CU TR 004/2011 'About the safety of low-voltage equipment',
• CU TR 020/2011 'Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment',
• CU TR 016/2011 'About the safety of fluid fuel technical equipment'.

About the controlling

We have already passed a lot of inspections of FSA organization,
including annual visits.
We are under the constant control of the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision.
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