The certification
of CU TR 004/2011

The best brands order from us the certification service, and they are always protected from any of risks.
CU TR 004/2011certification 'About safety of low-voltage equipment'

This service is covering certification of the following types of equipment:

1. Electrical equipment intended for use at a rated voltage of 50 to 1000 volts (inclusive) of alternating current;

2. Electrical equipment intended for use at a nominal voltage of 75 to 1500 volts (inclusive) of direct current.

That is, almost every low-voltage equipment, primary for household purposes, fall for the validity of this regulation. Exceptions are special types of equipment that are designed to work in explosive environment, lift equipment, medical products, equipment of nuclear power plants, transport equipment and some others.

Our Company is accredited to CU TR 004/2011 technical regulations of the Customs Union almost from the moment of the foundation, that's why our experience in certification is one of the most capacious in the market.

We understand that certification case should not be treated carelessly, because misleading phrase 'low-voltage equipment' hides currents and voltages that pose a potential treat to life, and this is especially important for household appliances.

That equipment, which certification is regulated by the rules of CU TR 004, is one of the most dynamically developing at the market. Every year, there are more and more devices appear at the market, their functionality increases, and the low-voltage component of devices becomes more complicated.

Unfortunately, there is a practice, when manufacturers, suppliers and importers, because of the market overcrowding and according to CU TR 004 regulations, are guided only by the price of certificate from unfair companies, losing sight of the fact, that in this case, the Company is vulnerable if inspections of controlling bodies.

Please, be aware of tricks and do not buy 'black' certificates, because if there are any problems, the one-day company will not solve them, and your certificate or accreditation will be annulled by the controlling body. There are hundreds of such annulled and recalled certifications, because it's a real practice of cleaning the market nowadays. You have to avoid scammers, who are offering the 'express schemes' for 1 or 3 days with the price of the printing paper. This is misleading advertising.

Unlike fishy companies, we are monitoring all trends and development in this area and interact with leading testing laboratories to keep abreast of the industry and take into account new requirements when analyzing requests for certifications that come to us.
For whom
Manufacturers, authorized sellers, customers, suppliers.
For what
1. Electrical appliances and devices for household use:
- for cooking/storing of food and mechanization of kitchen work processes,
- for linen, clothes and shoes processing (washing, ironing, drying, cleaning),
- for housekeeping,
- sanitary and hygienic,
- for maintenance and adjusting of microclimate in placings,
- for the hair care, nails and skin care,
- for the body heating,
- vibrating massage,
- game, sports and training equipment,
- audio and video equipment, television and radio broadcasting receivers,
- sewing and knitting,
- power supplies, chargers, voltage regulators,
- for horticulture,
- for aquariums and garden water bodies,
- electro pumps,
- lighting equipment and light sources,
- wiring devices,
- extension pieces
2. Personal electronic computers (personal computers)
3. Low-voltage equipment, which is connected to personal electronic computers
4. Electrified tools (manual and portable electric machines)
5. Electric musical instruments
6. Cables, wires and cords
7. Automatic switches, shutdown protective devices
8. Electrical energy distributing devices
9. Electrical devices for management of electrical installations
Order the certification service now, we will provide you the lowest cost of the right certification scheme and we will be able to protect you from any possible risks. We guarantee to select for you the most favorable conditions when ordering certification from us.

Key benefits
1. We don't have a formal approach to work, and we do not 'steer away ourselves' as many intermediaries, and do not leave the client one-to-one with the problem, we help him to search the solution of problem together.

2. We do not abnormalize prices of consulting services for obtaining a CU TR 012 certificate, because we understand, that the cost of its registration is already considerable. Moreover, given a long-term cooperation with our partners, we manage to offer the customer the ex-lower price than the average market price for the certificate in most of the cases. At the same time, we are open for discussion the time and the cost of the inspection control in advance, without difficult for reading stars ** about the 50 percent of the certificate cost of the annual inspection control (as in case with many of standard resellers)

3. We trust the CU TR 012 certification to the bodies, which are working with explosion-protected equipment for more than 20 years, the competence of which has been confirmed by the accreditation bodies in many times.

Principles of pricing
Transparent pricing: the price is consisting from the cost of testings, from the cost of man-hours spent on work and payment for necessary visits, and does not contain any of hidden payments.

Price flexibility: the cost is depending on certification scheme, the type of equipment, the order of departure for production (if required), and even depends on the selected laboratory.

Final price: we work without any intermediaries, so we set the final cost ourselves, and we do not depend on others. In addition, we pre-fix in the contract the cost and timing of mandatory inspection control, this price also does not change

Composition of product/service

The test report,
which is originally issued after testings.
The registration of certificate
in the National part of unified Register.
Original certificate of compliance with requirements of CU TR 032/2013, which is result of the certification (must be given to the customer or sent by courier service).
The company is providing a storage of entire package of documents from the moment
of receiving the certificate, and moreover, within 5 years after the expiration of its validity in
a secure archive for responding to requests from regulators and regulatory authorities.
According to 7 article 5.1 Paragraph of CU TR 004/2011, the Applicant provides the following documents:
Unlike competitors, we do
the following:

1. We conduct all the work clearly, without using various tricks, for example, we carry out real tests instead of 'issuing the protocol number';

2. We have a real experience of interaction with FSA organization and Rostekhnadzor in accordance with state control, moreover, this interaction is continuous, it provides understanding of all new trends, which cannot be provided by fishy certification bodies putting client at risk at the hard time;

3. We were one of the first companies who started certification for 032 regulations among all bodies, and we have accumulated the most experience..
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