The certification
of CU TR 010/2011

Customers with the experience in certification choose us, because they value our certificates more than certificates of other bodies for the same cost
The certification of CU TR 010/2011 'About the safety of machinery and equipment'

This service is applicable to a wide range of machines and equipment used in various industries. Examples of such machines and equipment can be the following:

• Hosting-and-transport equipment (load-lifting cranes, lifts);

• Technological equipment for trading enterprises, public catering and food units (marmites, boilers for food, refrigerated cabinets and showcases, deep fryers, etc.);

• Snow and swamp-going vehicles, snowmobiles and their trailers;

• Agriculture machinery (excluding agricultural tractors and trailers);

• Chemical, oil and gas processing equipment (pressure vessels, working without/under pressure, or under vacuum, heat exchangers, centrifuges, separators);

• Industrial pipe fitting;

• Pumping, compressor equipment, and others.

Since regulations allow the replacement of the declaration with certification, the service is applicable to entire list of machines and equipment listed in Appendix 3 of CU TR 010/2011. The cross-reference to appendix of regulation – an article inside system.

The main difference between our body and many other bodies is that we carry out work of certification of almost any product that falls under CU TR 010/2011 without involvement of any intermediaries, like other certification bodies. Thanks to staff of experts (5 persons) specializing in different equipment, and cooperation with advanced testing laboratories that fully cover a big area of equipment covered by regulations.

We certify products of CU TR 010/2011 from 2013. During this time, we passed four inspections over activities of accredited individuals by the state control of FSA. All checks were successfully passed, we never changed the name of certification body, the number of accreditation certificate or a legal entity once after the audit.

We can discuss about certification of products that fall under the declaration as an additional protection of the client, it can be useful for inspecting of state bodies, as well as for participation in major tenders.
We provide all these advantages in the mid-market price, because we work without intermediaries and without overpayments.
For whom
Manufacturers, authorized sellers, buyers, suppliers.
For what
The wide scope of application of CU TR 010/2011 affects practically all the branches of industry, such as light and heavy industry, chemical, oil and gas industry, timber-wood working, metal working, food industry and many others. Machines and equipment, the conformity of which must be confirmed by the requirements of CU TR 010/2011are used by trained qualified personnel of industrial enterprises and by ordinary citizens both in everyday life, which imposes great responsibility for a qualitative, 'transparent' certification procedure not only for the certification body, but also at the supplier and manufacturer when choosing partner (certification body).
Order the certification of products under the 010 regulations in our company, to obtain a truly professional level of work, care of the customer, protection of the certification body when inspecting state structure at the reasonable price.

Key Benefits
1. We don't have a formal approach to the customer, even being abroad we have excellent reviews, and our Clients say that we were the most adequate inspector among other bodies, so they are ready to accept us again if necessary;

2. We do not print certificates, we conduct a certification. Unlike fishy companies, we perform the main function of certification body, namely, we take care of our client in the case of inspections of governmental bodies;

3. Layouts of certificates is not a labor of sales managers; all our experts have a technical background and long termed experience. We determine, whether the regulations apply to your products or not, we make recommendations for you, what you need more – a certification or a declaration. We understand the terms 'equipment category', 'working environment group', as well as other technical parameters and definitions. We speak the same language to you;

4. We quickly answer your requests instead of sending requests to other bodies or individual specialists. Preliminary evaluation can be done in 5 minutes or up to 24 hours (in some complicated cases);

5. We are accredited for 6 years as a certification body, we pass annual inspections and regularly interact with state control bodies.
Pricing policy
Transparent pricing: the price is consisting from the cost of testings, from the cost of man-hours spent on work and payment for necessary visits, and does not contain any of hidden payments.

Price flexibility: the cost is depending on certification scheme, the type of equipment, the order of departure for production (if required), and even depends on the selected laboratory.

Final price: we work without any intermediaries, so we set the final cost ourselves, and we do not depend on others. In addition, we pre-fix in the contract the cost and timing of mandatory inspection control, this price also does not change.

The result of our work

Test protocol, which is issued in the original tests result.
Registration of the Certificate
in the National part of the Unified Register.
Original certificate of compliance with the requirements of CU TR 032/2013, which is result of certification (must be given to the customer or sent by courier service).
Storage of the entire package of documents from the moment of receiving the certification, and moreover, storage of the documents in a secure archive for responding to requests from regulators and regulatory authorities within 5 years after expiration of its validity..
According to 8 article 10 Paragraph of CU TR 010/2011, the Applicant provides the following documents:
Unlike competitors, we do the following:
1. We conduct all the work clearly, without using various tricks, for example, we carry out real tests instead of 'issuing the protocol number';

2. We have a real experience of interaction with FSA organization and Rostekhnadzor in accordance with state control, moreover, this interaction is continuous, it provides understanding of all new trends, which cannot be provided by fishy certification bodies putting client at risk at the hard time;

3. We are engaged in certification work for more than 6 years and have accumulated great experience in solving of simple and complicated problems of clients.
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