of CU TR 012/2011

The assessment of conformity of explosion-proof equipment is the sphere of professionals' activity in their field, whose competence and experience are vitally important than the terms of 'printing out' of certificate.
Certification of CU TR 012/2011 'About the safety of equipment for work in explosive environments'

This service covers the certification of electrical equipment, ex-components, as well as non-electrical equipment in explosion-proof design, which was specially designed for operation in explosive environments. The certification objects are huge production plants containing dozens of Ex-components, small elements of control and protection systems (buttons, warning lamps), sensors, measuring instruments and much more.

Of course, the identification feature of such an equipment is the explosion protection marking applied to the equipment and the Ex-component, as well as the availability of explosion-proof equipment specified by the manufacturer and specified in technical documentation.

CU TR 012/2011 regulation does not provide confirmation of compliance in the form of declaration, therefore compliance of Ex-equipment and Ex-components with this regulation can be confirmed only by a certificate of compliance, issued in a unified form.
For many years, we have cooperated with the most recognized and respected certification bodies, who are specialized in explosion-proof equipment, and no one doubts in their competence. At the same time, we simplify communication for the client and provide control over the progress of certification. This allows us not only 'to print' the certificates, but to conduct a full assessment of the explosion protection measures taken by manufacturer, to conduct real tests in testing laboratories and, thus, to protect manufacturers, sellers, and end users from possible extremely unfortunate consequences of using inappropriate equipment in hazardous areas.
For whom
Manufacturers, manufacturer's representatives, buyers, suppliers
For what
Almost any of technical device (machine, apparatus, stationary or mobile installation, an element of their control systems, protection or device providing protection, control and measuring instruments), in which structure are provided measures to eliminate the unacceptable risk of ignition of an explosive atmosphere, in which this device is intended to operate. Explosion-proof equipment is usually used in production sites and in dangerous explosive gas and dust environments, as well as in underground mine workings and their land structures, where the danger is caused by the presence of mine gas and (or) combustible dust.
Entrust certification of your equipment for work in explosive environments to professionals who will assess conformity at the reasonable price, guided not by formalism, but relying on deep fundamental knowledge and long experience of work with ex-equipment.

Key benefits
1. We don't have a formal approach to work, and we do not 'steer away ourselves' as many intermediaries, and do not leave the client one-to-one with the problem, we help him to search the solution of problem together.

2. We do not abnormalize prices of consulting services for obtaining a CU TR 012 certificate, because we understand, that the cost of its registration is already considerable. Moreover, given a long-term cooperation with our partners, we manage to offer the customer the ex-lower price than the average market price for the certificate in most of the cases. At the same time, we are open for discussion the time and the cost of the inspection control in advance, without difficult for reading stars ** about the 50 percent of the certificate cost of the annual inspection control (as in case with many of standard resellers)

3. We trust the CU TR 012 certification to the bodies, which are working with explosion-protected equipment for more than 20 years, the competence of which has been confirmed by the accreditation bodies in many times.

Principles of pricing
Price flexibility: the cost depends on the certification scheme, the type of equipment, the status of documentation, the order of departure for production (if it is required), and the complexity of the tests.

No overpayment: we provide the less certification cost that the market average cost, compared to most conventional resellers.

In a complex and profitable way: we can offer special interesting conditions to those customers, who order certification in combination with our other services.

Composition of product/service

Registration of the Certificate in the National part of Unified Register.
Original Certificate of Conformity CU TR 012/2011, which is the final result of certification (must be given to the customer or sent by courier service).

According to 6 article 6.1 Paragraph of CU TR 012/2011, the Applicant provides the following documents:
Unlike competitors, we do
the following:
1. We do not apply for the receipt of CU TR 012 certification to dark organizations, whose reputation is periodically undermined by reports of cancelled certificates or reports about the suspension of the accreditation certificate.;

2. We have a lot of experience, working with CU TR 012/2011 certification, which allows us promptly to respond to inquiries from customers and, in most cases, to conduct initial consultations at the day of request.

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