Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision doesn't sleep

Technical regulations of the Customs Union "About the safety of equipment operating under excessive pressure'' CU TR 032/2013
Do you produce an equipment, which is operating under excessive pressure (vessels, apparatus, heat exchangers, columns, pipelines, boilers, etc.)? Then you need to visit us! And of course, there should be a video about how do we do this and what is better – non-destructive tests or hydraulic tests? This is the way how do we see the advertisement of our services.

Talking seriously, our Company was one of the first companies who accredited to CU TR 032/2013 (herein after referred to as the Technical Regulations ''Equipment under pressure''), and what is important, we started to conduct certification in accordance with this regulation. It was the time, when a lot of companies didn't want to be the first, and waited for majority reaction, we did everything in accordance with instructions written in regulation. The technical regulation ''Equipment, under pressure..'' is rather complicated. It is not like all previous technical regulations of Customs Union, which came into effect before. This technical regulation was edited with the participation of the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological, and Nuclear Supervision (Rostekhnadzor), and a bit looks like industrial safety rules that existed before.

To determine, you need the required confirmation of the compliance with CU TR 032/2013. You don't need to do much actions, just to determine, for what field your equipment is intended, to determine the capacity of your equipment, or diameter, and you need to know maximum permissible operating pressure. That's all. If you know these three parameters, you can clearly understand what are the requirements your product must meet. If you know, in what field the equipment is used, then determine, which group your environment belongs. If working environment is different, then you need to choose the most dangerous. The technical regulation ''Equipment, under the pressure..'' divides environment into two groups.

1st group includes such kinds of working environment as consisted from flammable, toxic, and highly toxic gases, liquids and vapors, in a single-phase state, and their mixtures.

2nd group includes all other environments, except those, which belonging to the 1st group. Now you know, which group your working environment belongs to. Next, you need to open Appendix 1 to CU TR 032/2013. There are several tables. Tables are divided according to the equipment and working environment.

More specifically, tables are divided into vessels, boilers and pipelines. In its turn, the vessels are divided into two groups, and the same way boilers and pipelines are divided. What does it mean? If your environment belongs to the 1st group, and you produce vessels, so you need Table 1. And you can already see in the table, what do you need, knowing the capacity and the maximum allowable working pressure, and choose the category of your equipment.
Now, there is a slight digression.
The technical regulation '' Equipment, under the pressure ..'' mean, that either certification or declaration can be carried out, as well as other regulations. And what is the difference? Product certification is a confirmation of compliance with current requirements, independent of manufacturer and seller, namely, authorized certification body for this action. The certification body has its own responsibility for issued certificates. What is the declaration meaning? ''To declare'' – it means ''to say''. Declaration of products means when the manufacturer declares that his products meets the requirements in force. The responsibility for issued declaration is borne directly by the applicant. Therefore, the procedure for compliance confirmation and declaration procedure are different. The certification procedure is carried out by the certification body. The entire procedure of declaration should be carried out by applicant, and just to register the declaration in the certification body.
So, let us back to definition of your products category by CU TR 032/2013. Technical regulation ''Equipment, under the pressure ..'' is dividing all the equipment into 4 categories. The 1st category is less dangerous, and the 4th is the most dangerous. The equipment from 1st or 2nd category must be confirmed in compliance with requirement of CU TR 032/2013 in the declaration form. And the equipment, falling under 3 or 4th category, should be confirmed in a certification form.
Now you know, how to determine yourself, if there are any requirements of CU TR 032/2013 applying to your equipment. If it seemed difficult for you, you are not sure in right choice, or you have another question, you can contact us by a call or visit our Company, and our certification specialists or experts will help you. Also, there is another alternative. Rostekhnadzor is a full-fledged supervisory authority for compliance with the requirements of the Customs Union technical regulations named ''About safety of equipment, operating under excessive pressure'' in accordance with the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 407, dated by May, 13, 2013.

For more than a year, there has been a program for the calculation of the equipment CU TR 032/2013 at the site of Rostekhnadzor. This program works in elementary way. If you know the type of equipment (boiler, vessel, pipeline), working environment, working pressure and capacity (nominal diameter), the program automatically shows, what category of equipment is yours – 1,2 (declaration) or 3,4 (certification). You can easily calculate here: http://www.gosnadzor.ru/industrial/equipment/h4.ph.
In conclusion

When you face the choice of certification body, it is not always right to choose the cost of certification. Everyone knows, that cheap price is not the point of a good quality. The cheaper you will be offered to certify a product, the less time it will be spend on it. And a properly issued certificate will not attract the attention of Rostekhnadzor.

Your customers can easily register your equipment in Rostekhnadzor. Therefore, don't look only at the cost, but look also at the competence of the certification body's staff and look at the feedback of manufacturers and applicants. Also look at the quantity of certificates issued by certification body. It is impossible for the certification body to issue 1500 qualitative certificates per a year, with the confirmation of compliance. That's why your choice is your risk only. Don't forget about it, please.