'Technical specifications' documentation development

If you want to produce a quality product, you must take care of TC, and order TC content work in professional company.
'Technical specifications' documentation development

Technical specifications (TS) are the basic document that determines the requirements for the manufacture of products, its safety and quality. Based on this document, it is possible to check the activity of the manufacturer of a given product and make a conclusion about the conformity of the product quality to the established requirements.

The need for the development of technical conditions arises in the case of increasing (expanding) the requirements for the product being developed in relation to the requirements established by the current regulatory documents for this product, or in the absence of a standard for this product.

Engineers and specialists of our company have extensive knowledge of the design of machines and equipment, they are familiar with the basics of the technological processes and have extensive experience in working with design documentation.

If you are ordering development of technical specifications from our company, you are to receive properly issued document that complies with Unified system for design documentation requirements. We develop technical specifications for all requirements of GOST 2.114-2016. The technical specifications developed by us will necessarily contain exhaustive requirements to produce and acceptance of your products. To do this, before the work begins, our engineers will totally study the nuances of production and will consider all the materials provided by you.

Since the TS sections can be supplemented or changed due to the manufacturer's decision in accordance with the features of the product, we are ready to consider your proposals and to develop a document of the necessary form and with the necessary composition/content of the sections.

We can not only to develop technical specifications, but also, if necessary, to assist in the finalization of an already existing document for compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents, mainly CU TR.
Order the preparation of the Technical Conditions (TС) in our Company, and we guarantee
a professional approach and quality work execution.

Key Benefits
1. We guarantee an individual approach, efficiency and high quality of the provided service. We proved ourselves as a reliable partner in the market of development of design and operational documents, we have positive feedback from customers, many of them still collaborate with us.

2. We are not engaged in replicating formal templates and empty copying of documents. You will receive a quality and properly designed document reflecting the features of your products at the average market price and in a reasonable time.

3. The documentation is developed and executed in accordance with the current regulatory documents, including CU TR and Unified system for design documentation. The developed package of design and operational documentation developed by us will allow you to successfully pass the procedure of conformity assessment of your products if will be needed.

4. Our specialists are aware of all the updates in the regulatory documents base and are aware of all innovations in the field of development and design of design and operational documents.

5. There is no doubt about our employees' qualification. Our specialists constantly train their professional skills.

6. We are ready to develop design and operational documents for products of domestic and foreign production both.

7. We develop all the documents ourselves and do not act as intermediaries in the development of design and operational documents.

8. We pay special attention to the development of design and operational documents for equipment and / or machines with a high potential hazard (mainly used in hazardous industrial facilities), such as pressure equipment, lifting equipment, gas-using equipment, etc.

9. In addition to the development of the document, we are ready to help in the finalization of the already available document with the requirements established for it.

10. If necessary, we make a preliminary assessment of the documents and materials available of their sufficiency for the development of a design or operational document.
From 15 to 30 working days, depending on the type of equipment / machine (in the case of all requested documents, information and technical data are provided by the customer)

From 30 working days depending on the type of equipment / machine (if the requested documents, information and technical data are not provided by the customer in full)
Why you should choose us?
This is faster and cheaper.
Our specialists are engaged in the development of design and operational documents for many years and we guarantee the quality of performed work.
Usually, the development of technical specifications is made by internal specialists of the company. However, if you calculate the cost of wages, which the average company spends on preparing of the TS, it turns out that the development of a third-party company is more profitable. Such investments will save time of your employees by quality of our work. Our company is ready to help manufacturers of products avoid the difficulties of development and search for the requirements of proper registration of technical specifications.
The TS are an integral part of the set of design documentation for products and its sections should contain a full set of requirements to produce products, its control and acceptance. The development of technical specifications, as well as the development of any other design documentation is a very difficult task, which requires to consider the specifics of manufacturing of this product, the study of regulatory documents, knowledge of the rules of documentation. When developing the technical specifications, it is important to remember that the requirements established by the TS should not contradict the mandatory requirements of the normative documents that apply to this product, because it can create additional difficulties in the development of this document.
We will design and correctly arrange for all your requirements to products.

Pricing policy

Transparent pricing: the price is determined only by the cost of man-hours spent for work, and does not contain hidden surcharges.
Price flexibility: the cost is depending on certification scheme, the type of equipment,the order of departure for production (if required), and even depends on the selected laboratory.
Final price: work without intermediaries allows
us significantly to reduce the cost of developing
a document.
Our Company offers a full range of services for the development of design and operational documentation. Our Company specialists are ready to develop the following documents:
Unlike competitors, we do
the following:

1. carefully study the design and operation of the equipment and / or the customer's machine, so we do not issue a template document with a set of standard phrases as a result,;

2. we are not only to develop qualitative design and operational documents, but also to design the normative documents (including CU TR) that are correctly designed and conform to all established requirements);

3. we are ready to provide qualified consulting concerning all issues of work and to justify the choice of form and content of the developed document;

4. we are to pay special attention to the development of documents for the equipment related to high-risk facilitie;

5. we have experience of cooperation with certification bodies and we know the nuances of their requirements to the package of operational documents provided by the applicant when conducting product conformity assessment. It reduces your risks of subsequent costly processing / modification of the document you ordered.
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