The right choice of the certification body. The price of mistake

899 – this is a figure given by EEC Register (the Eurasian Economic Commission), if you put the following filters in its parameters "Certification bodies", "Country – Russian Federation", ''The status of accreditation certificate – Valid'' (as of 22.09.2016)
Federal Service for Accreditation confirms that there were about 1000 accredited certification bodies in Russia, as of August 2016. Of course, there are all certification bodies for all current regulations of Customs Union, and there are already 35 technical regulations since May,2016. In comparison with European Union, there are less amount of such organizations, especially significant ones, which everyone know and trust both producers and consumers.

Therefore, when it comes to the ordinary client of certification body (importer, manufacturer or its official representative) that it is necessary to certify their products or register a declaration, to choose that certification body that will satisfy the customers wishes, for economic and time indicators, and at the same time to work ''in the framework of the law'' is rather difficult.

Of course, there are common signs that will mark the ''false'' certificates:
• terms of certificate issues up to 3 days;
• a very low price (Why the price should be high, if you just need to print an information at the form?)
• there are no number of certification body accreditation certificate (all necessary actions are organized by intermediaries and they not bear responsibility at all, etc.)
But what if it turned out, that you chose an organization, that meets one or more of the above characteristics? Unfortunately, there is nothing good… At the best case, any of supervisory authority will not notice your document and will not ask unnecessary questions to your Company. And what to do in the worst-case scenario?
If certification body is closed, the document will simply become invalid.
And now, the dynamics of certification bodies closing is obvious. Only in August 2016, FSA organization suspended the activities of 73 organizations (including testing laboratories) and stopped activities of 233 organizations.
ВAs a result, there is no document in fact, but money is paid.
The process of confirming compliance must be restarted in this case.
By the way, all information about certification bodies, their areas of accreditation, status of accreditation certificate is on the website of FSA organization, the supervisory authority of certification bodies and testing laboratories activities. Also, you can check status of certificate or status of declaration of the Customs Union, published by the Russian certification body:
— Here is – the search of certificates of the Customs Union in the National part of the unified register, issued in a unified form;
— Here is – the search of registered declarations of conformity, in the National part of the unified register, issued in a unified form.
What if you enter document data in register, but there is no result for you? This is a serious excuse to become worried, because it is possible that this certification body, which issued or registered the required authorization document, was one of those 233 organizations.
If you are convicted of unreliable declaration, violation of the of the requirements in CU regulations, or emission or sale of production, which doesn't meet such requirements, then they offered to pay administrative fine. An administrative fine of up to 300,000 rubles (Articles 14.43, 14.44 of the Code of Administrative Violations of the Russian Federation) may be imposed on a legal entity (manufacturer, seller, importer, authorized person of a foreign manufacturer).

The same actions, but if the life or health of our citizens, property, environment has been harmed, the penalty will be increased up to 600 000 rubles. For repeated violations in the course of the year, the responsibility is even more serious.
At the same time, to apply for starting an administrative case to the court is possible not only for citizens, who faced with ''honest Chinese quality'', but for legal entities who are interested in your courts activities, commercial refusals, loss of trust of potential customers. Judicial practice concerning these articles is already being conducted in an active form. The results of such activities, for those, who are interested in, can be viewed on this website:

The consequence of such a detailed refinement of the Administrative Code on articles The consequence of such a detailed refinement of the Administrative Code on articles 14.43, 14.44, 14.45, 14.46 and active judicial practice in this area is that the "carry and forget" principle no longer works, and in which case the loss will be incurred by a foreign manufacturer, or by trusted subject, or by importer.

A lot of market players, having realized the responsibility, or already faced with problems one day, begin to remake documents, previously issued in a ''simplified scheme''. Therefore, we can talk about changing of the situation with obtaining certificates in our country. The mass of people realizes, that fact of having certificate or declaration is not so important as confirmation process and certification tests behind it.
And what are the services, that the market should offer to confirm compliance? Of course, it is qualitative, high level work of certification bodies and testing laboratories, that have existed for several years, and successfully pass all inspections of supervisory bodies, which work results will not cause doubts either for customers or for sale structures.
And here, there is another understanding of high level of service, but not a rapid working time in 1-3 days. The basis of the high-level work is:
- Qualified experts, whose practical experience is ''enriched'' with the most relevant information in the field of technical regulation, changes in legislation, the undisclosed ''policy'' of state supervisory bodies, etc.;
- Step-by-step procedure of compliance assessment without certificates and retrospective tests;
- Reasonable pricing, due to the real costs of the certification body.
The time for change
has already come.

It's time for importers, manufacturers and consumers, to get out of informational vacuum, which previously was existed in the field of technical regulation.