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Strong experience in expert advice
and product certification – more than 7 years

Employees of the certification body have many years of experience in conducting of compliance verification work. We cooperate with the most advanced testing laboratories (centers) and public research institutes. There are international manufacturers, sales representatives, and suppliers of industrial equipment and household appliances among our clients. If you don't know, how and where to conduct certification of your products, please, contact us. We will consult you in details, and, if necessary, we will conduct certification of your products at reasonable prices (with registration of Declaration of conformity).

What can we do?

We can conduct certification of products for serial production or batch
We can develop design and operational documents
We can make safety verification
We can conduct a mandatory inspection control
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We have accreditation as a certification body among first companies. We have stable relations with accredited research and testing laboratories.

Why us?

Full compliance of the certification procedure with established laws
Rapid decision making
Reasonable price policy and flexibility in dealing with Customers
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