About the Certification Body

The Certification Body of the OOO "Engineering Safety" products has an accreditation certificate No. РА.RU.11МХ24, registered on September 21, 2015 and issued by the Federal Service for Accreditation.
The certification body is included in the Customs Union Unified Register of the certification and testing laboratories (centers).

The membership of the management body for certification (organization structure of the certification body)
The head of the certification body is Kremenchutsky Denis Gennadievich.

The list of testing laboratories (centers) in interaction with the OS "Engineering safety" for conducting of researches (tests) and measurements *

1. Test laboratory of OOO TEST-ENGINEERING, accreditation certificate
No. RA.RU.21RMR from 08/18/2015.

2. The testing center of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "All-Russian Scientific Research Institute for Standardization and Certification In mechanical engineering ", accreditation certificate No. RA.RU.21AU15 from 04/09/2015.

3. The testing laboratory of electrical products "RegionTest" FGBOU VO "Ivanovo State University of Chemical Technology", accreditation certificate No. ROSS RU.0001.21ML37 of 27/11/2015.

4. The testing laboratory of OOO ''Investment Corporation'', accreditation certificate
№ RA.RU.21MA64 of 07/12/2015.

5. The testing laboratory of mechanization means and transport in construction
"SAMT-Fund", accreditation certificate No. RОSS RU.0001.21MT05 of 03/09/2014.

6. The testing laboratory "Ivanovo Certification Center" OOO "Ivanovo Certification Foundation", accreditation certificate No. RA.RU.21AU21 from 22/04/2015.

7. The testing laboratory of the Autonomous Non-Profit Organization Expertise Center and "Tekhkranenergo" certification, accreditation certificate No. ROSS RU.0001.21МN35 from 16/04/2013 to 16/04/2018.
* The "Engineering safety" certification body may involve for testing other accredited testing laboratories, which are included in the Customs Union Unified Register of certification bodies and testing laboratories (centers).
The list of documents used by ''Engineering Safety'' certification body for conducting of work to confirm compliance, defining the requirements for this work:

1. Resolution of the State Standard of the Russian Federation, dated by September 21, 1994 No. 15 "About approval of the" Procedure for Conducting Product Certification in the Russian Federation ";

2. Federal Law No. 184-FZ of 27.12.2002 "About Technical Regulation"; the Customs Union Technical Regulations "About low-voltage equipment" (CU TR 004/2011);

3. The Customs Union Technical Regulations "About the safety of machinery and equipment"(CU TR 010/2011); The Customs Union Technical Regulations "About the safety of gaseous fuel operating devices" (CU TR 016/2011);

4. The Customs Union Technical Regulations "Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment" (CU TR 020/2011);

5. The Customs Union Technical Regulations "About the safety of equipment operating under excessive pressure" (CU TR 032/2013);

6. The manual for the quality of the certification body and the documented procedures for this manual;

7. Establishing requirements documents for objects of conformity confirmation,and documents, which are containing the rules and methods of research (testing) and measurements of objects for conformity confirmation, including the rules for selecting their samples, specified in the field of accreditation of the certification body;

8. Other National and Eurasian Economic Union regulatory legal acts, setting requirements in the field of technical regulation and conformity assessment requirements.
The approximate cost of works of conformity assessment, performed by the certification body.

The payment for works of mandatory and voluntary confirmation of compliance is paying, based on the contract with the applicant. The cost of work for the mandatory confirmation of the conformity of products is determined regardless of the country and (or) the place of its origin,as well as persons who are applicants (Clause 4, Article 23 of Federal Law No. 184-FZ, ''About the Technical Regulation" dated by 27/12/2002, regarding payment of work for mandatory conformity certification).

When determining the cost of conduction work to verify compliance, the certification body can be guided by the Decision of the State Standard of the Russian Federation dated by14/03/1996 N 167 "About the approval of recommendations in certification. Payment for certification of products and services. R 50.3.001-96 ", Resolution of the State Standard of the Russian Federation No. 44 dated by 23/08/1999 "About the approval of the rules for certification "Payment for Work of Products and Services certification" and (or) own calculations for determining the cost of carrying out work of conformity assessment, considering own costs for conducting the work.

Regardless of the way of determining the cost of work for the verification of the conformity for a certain product, when discussing the cost of work between the certification body and the applicant, there is the market value of similar works can be considered. For this reason, the cost of conducting work to verify compliance is the result of an agreement between the certification body and the applicant, fixed by contractual relations provided by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

The approximate cost of certain types of work for compliance confirmation (without taking into account the testing costs)*:

- voluntary certification in the GOST R certification system (serially produced products) - from 13,000 (thirteen thousand) rubles;

- voluntary certification in the GOST R certification system (limited production lot) - from 10,000 (ten thousand) rubles;

- mandatory certification for compliance with the requirements of the Customs Union one technical regulation (serially produced products) - from 25,000 (twenty-five thousand) rubles;

- mandatory certification for compliance with the requirements of the Customs Union one technical regulation (limited production lot) - from 15,000 (fifteen thousand) rubles;

- registration of declarations of compliance (in the GOST R certification system or for compliance with the requirements of the Customs Union one technical regulation) - from 7,000 (seven thousand) rubles.

The cost of works can be changed depending on the number of indicators, that are confirmed during certification; ttechnical complexity of products; certification schemes (declarations); cost of testing; the certification body costs for the performance of conformity assessment works; and market value.
* VAT is not taxed in accordance with the provisions of articles 346.12 and 346.13 of Chapter 26.2 of the Russian Federation Tax Code (notice of the possibility to apply the simplified taxation system No. 4706 dated by October 18, 2010, issued by 18 Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service of Russia in Moscow).

Rights and obligations of the applicants, related to the performance of works for conformity assessment:

- the choice of any certification body with the appropriate area of accreditation for the work to verify the conformity of products;

- fulfillment the certification requirements (more information about certification requirements can be found in here);

- taking the necessary measures and providing the necessary access for work to confirm the conformity of products, including the provision of studying documentation and records, as well as access to equipment, places, zones, personnel and subcontractors of the customer;

- ensuring compliance of certified products or products in respect of which the applicant has adopted a declaration of compliance, established requirements for production (serial release);

- informing consumers about products, which compliance with the established requirements has been confirmed by applying a market circulation mark, placing reliable information in the accompanying documents and the media;

- provision of issued certificates of conformity and registered declarations of compliance copies to interested persons;

- informing the certification body about changes that may affect to the implementation of certification requirements and provision of full information concerning complaints regarding the products certified by this body to the certification body upon request;

- taking the necessary measures to suspend or terminate the declarations of compliance or to suspend, terminate or resume the validity of certificates, according to the established schemes of conformity assessment.
The approximate cost of conformity assessment works, performed by the certification body.

In case of the applicant's disagreement with the results of the examination of the application for conformity assessment, the results of the performed conformity assessment work, inspection control and other procedures provided by the certification body within its scope of accreditation and contractual relations with the applicant, the applicant has the right to apply to the appeal commission of the organization, including a certification body.

Within ten days of the receipt of the appeal, the appeals commission considers it with the invitation of both parties and if necessary, with the involvement of competent independent experts. The Commission issues the appeal decision and draws up its relevant protocol. The decision is forwarded to the disagreed parties.

If one of the parties does not agree with the decision of the appeals commission, this party can apply to the FSA for assessment of the appeal decision, and re-examination of the complaint or appeal.

In case of applying to the certification body with a complaint about the actions (inaction) of the certification body or its individual employees, the interested party refers to the head of the certification body, who is obliged to consider the reasons for the complaint and outline an action plan for their elimination.
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